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thru love and trust   
03:15am 06/01/2011
mood: dirty
wolf bladder! everyone has been burned before! waiting for my clothes to be.. dry. hangin a big ol' ten niner at tha JONES STREET BOYS party headquarters listening to a Byrds vinyl I picked up a while ago.. time to flip cuz ive been burned by uncontentious music play... what to play now.. oh wow.. brb .....Modern Lovers will do, what a time.. shes cracked that's for sure.. 4 any dame.. oh god.. huh.. beer time update brought to you by Pinko Pinky rings.. kinky.. I haven't been doing shit worth talking about since I wrote last. going slow.. what do I care, i generally (not the word i want to use) feel so shits i don't give a shit about feeling shitty.. was thinking how are old friends are doing today, while at work today.. backwards.. thinking how Sammy sweet tits made a tiny shirt for a puppet for me.. for all i know she could be married, have six 4 year old kids, or dead for all i know.. or my sweet Tiffy tender bottoms, and her seasonal sisters.. ah time and space... and space between time, and how we were kids.. god damn its freezing in here and my shirts n' undies r warm so fuck off im going home... Hunter S... lay off the coke n' bloody breakfast, and lovely little Diana Oughton shoulda naughta done what she done.. Im looking for your reincarnated ghost.. here is my Buddy.. well tried to find Rich vs. Roach so you are left wit roach

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power in the form of two and a half men   
01:37am 14/10/2010
  well well well its been a while.. nothing is working out at all.. started a writing project a few months ago, about 80 pages into it, you know tropes for pokes gingers.. scheme the seen! ah.. prose 4 hoes?
i also have a bad shoulder injury, i did about 3 months ago, still messed up..
went to the Minneapolis zombie pub crawl which was insane, like thousands of people.. drank too much.. Al got kicked out of a bar, and tried to seek back in with a wig.. tried three times till the bouncer whipped him around in a circle.. on the way back stopped for a drink and caught mark mallmans marathon.. sounded great too.. even if he was playing for 70 some hours strait already.. about it world
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12:43pm 15/02/2010

today i got this thought i should share
03:14am 04/02/2010
  i am crushing homies.. im really excited at the opportunities that could pop up from this.. well until i find out she does not feel the same or never has felt that way.. haha getting my hopes down.. that's being realistic.. in other news im still terribly unhappy.. damn my P button just feel off my computer.. i must be from typing porn so much.. JK bitches...not, yes..not.. now its just a little rubber cone to push, Sherissa fix this now!! ok back track.. oh yeah, still not to happy about anything for that matter, feels like nothing good has happened to me in a long time.. still having hard time sleeping.. and for the last few days ive been in physical pain.. but whatever, more constructive news.. i have been on a music mission the last few months.. cds are so cheep! I cant believe some of the things i am finding for a cent (one penny) ha! honest Abe to goodness copper boy.. other things, im drastically changing things in my life to be more happy, which is sort of working.. i wont get into all of them but i quit smoking weed, and I quit drinking mountain dew.. and painting a lot more.. which reminds me, i need to take pics and put them on here.. i will do that later.. lets see what else.. i got a copy of the movie THE ROOM which i saw a long time ago and prob 8 times since, but i bought it so my buddies could enjoy it.. here is a clip...

no matter how low i feel i will always have johnny..

cd release party this weekend at an art gallery! for who knows who.. but bitchin after party wit a bunch of people I dont know.. yay!

here is some music from Mulatu Astatke.. ive been trying to get my hands on anything this man has put out... I THINK IM IN LOVE! you guys must buy buy buy!

i will try to update more..
lord, god, god, god, and to god, lord   
05:12am 18/11/2009
  i feel terrible... not very happy the last few weeks.. nothing is working out. I have been having trouble sleeping lately, and when i do sleep i awake a few hours later with terrible dreams. last night, or last morning, i woke up from a dream where my grandfather was crying, in my dream we were with my family, and for no apparent reason people went off on him.. telling him how terrible of a person he is.. it got me thinking when i woke up if he is happy.. I wonder if he sits on the edge of his bed, puts his cane next to him sinking his head deep in his paws and weeps rubbing old tears of regret, current ills, or non-optimistic future. is he in physical pain, mental pain till the end.. and so on and so on such n' such yadda yadda.. watched a thing on neda tonight, pretty sad as well..
oh fun up date real quick, went to Point this weekend, which i think was good time, saw casey and got silly, was drunk before i even got to point, we broke a bunch of some kids shot glasses which was funny.. did not feel as gravy on the way home, more like grave..

me too buddy......................
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03:39am 27/10/2009

Pat Sajak's Trivia Gems

Join one of America's classic game show hosts for an all new trivia challenge.

im only putting this on here because i got fourth high score of the day... I think, well if u see hot tits.. games pretty easy, prob would get high score if I didnt have a life to live
03:00am 08/09/2009
  so we have got a lot closer then the last entry.... nice, its still to slow for my pace.. but it seems im doing right. right in as making it better.. not worse. ohh im drunk.. but another thing, i heard a friend of mine might be getting back with someone.. not telling me, i wouldn't either.. just pick your poison.. i hope it turns out well.. but.. thats it.. but.. sleep on it.  
12:12pm 02/09/2009

watch out world im feeling jazzzzie 2-day
03:06am 27/08/2009
  weird days... ive been spending time with someone for pretty much a week now.. with weird occurrences happening in between. but not totally unseen for sure. very.... hold on i need to get a beer... ummm rolling rock, im such a stud.. but it seems like just some organic natural build up that will hopefully not crash and burn.. so weird, even before i started thinking about this post harvest moon pops up.. there are four drunk kids sitting by the tenis courts out side of my window, it looks like a tight group with there light slap ass play and wrestling about in the street.. their body language suggest even more jerking back and forth in a daze living to late.. im one itchy mother fucker.. we became closed almost this last week also.. just talkin, smiling , holding back..its nice . i like thinking about her the way i do now, and almost content to a point because i havent done anything to mess it up, but only make it better. ive been meaning to say something to her.. but i dont think i need too.. its almost like its already been said... thank you live journal for making me write what i just did... no point saying whats already been said..

other newsssss there were two cop cars parked outside of my place for about 45 minutes.. but both were empty, and when i got over to the girls place a cop was walking back to his car. so there were three cars with cops walking the beat... some shit musta went down..
also some old homeless woman shot a gun off outside our bar after close the other night because she couldnt find her keys... jeez
oh great....   
12:50am 20/08/2009
  i have poison something or the other all over the side of my face.. and on neck, for fuck sake.. its on my eyelid.. its driving me bananas.. im debating if i should go to the doctor or not...

well life could be worse...

murder mystery   
05:23pm 16/08/2009
mood: dirty
there was a murder in menomonie last night, thats pretty crazy three people... some family gun down type.. it happened at this run down trailer park. i heard about it last night at a gas station. then afterwards this old guy pulled up behind us and yelled me and AL, saying "do you know me" we were like wha? then he said quit fucking looking at me like you know me. AL said fuck off, and he said some other shit but we were in the truck by then, and i yelled lay off the meth you clown. this murder also explains why our crew had no trouble with the police last night. dave after the bars hopped on the back of a van taxi as it took off and ended up on the other side of town and had to wobble back with a boot on because he broke his foot. and Al was riding my bike around in front of the fire station while matt and casey where throwing trash cans at him... we so loud.. at cops are always giving us shit out there, mostly because the cops have nothing better to do.. well one time a drunken Derek which i think is in jail now, yelled fuck the police at a squad car and he backed up and parked outside. got on his mega phone and told us not to do that. but anyway what was i talking about? man that free credit report singer band thing is so fucking stupid. im sore today from a hard core crash because i plowed into casey with my bike.. and falling down while disc golfing.. FUCK! ok i need to go. matts having a keg tonight...
01:34pm 11/08/2009

play them at the same time!!!!

12:50pm 11/08/2009

so my little siss does not like bowie.. i told her when she gets older she will..
what else happened i saw an old friend the other day and it sent my mind into a loop.. as of what to do and why the hell am i thinking of them in the first place odd really. im hungry but dont want to cook or eat anywhere.. what to do.. i dont want tacos, subs, burgers, pizza, or chicken
so what to doooooo

me and holly took out the potato gun and shot it off in the country last night, that was pretty fun, the last shot left are ears ringing and dogs barking everywhere in the entire world.

i did some painting over the weekend, once i get batterys for my camera i will put up some pics

im listening to swans right now... i wonder what you tube has
12:33pm 03/08/2009
mood: excited
well i went camping this weekend with the family and it was nice. Friday was fun, had a few drinks and went out to local stone lake bars, not to much going on there, went back and drank more where my drunken father made fun of me, but its ok. after everyone when to bed I sat around the fire and listened to some local radio station, which was nice enough to play some good classic stoner rock while i smoked a bit in a down pour. after the rain let up i walked to the dock and looked off into the darkness of the lake, the wind and waves were chaotic. on the way back to camp i stopped in the the little arcade room and played poll position 2 for a bit.. then went to bed, Saturday my moms side of the family came over and i ate a bunch of food. and then went home on Sunday.. well now i have to get ready for work.. see ya
01:07pm 28/07/2009
  bad dreams last night... one dream involved getting my legs ate off by a bear.. the other involved getting shot at while jumping out a window.. i woke up from that one with my heart pumping. i did have one good dream with a bunch of hotties in bikinis wearing motorcycle helmets on a beach in milwaukee for the king of dubai.. i was not invited of course. but i did get to disarm the secret service agents and teach them how i did it so they thought i was pretty epic  
03:48am 28/07/2009

YAY for baseball!
03:35am 28/07/2009

i bet this is going to be huge... then old really fast
i want the gold   
02:29am 28/07/2009
06:18pm 26/07/2009

yes yes yes! there coming in October to first ave, and i will be dur...
and i love the current- the best radio station ever, and alot of good vids on you tube
02:30am 23/07/2009
mood: moody
well well well
lauren is moving to the east coast.. its been a long three years, thats a good chunk of my life. and now its time to move on, this should be interesting. we havent been together for a long time but there was something there, more then friends, and or friends with benefits for that matter. so instead of not trying to meet other women.. i could start.