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murder mystery

there was a murder in menomonie last night, thats pretty crazy three people... some family gun down type.. it happened at this run down trailer park. i heard about it last night at a gas station. then afterwards this old guy pulled up behind us and yelled me and AL, saying "do you know me" we were like wha? then he said quit fucking looking at me like you know me. AL said fuck off, and he said some other shit but we were in the truck by then, and i yelled lay off the meth you clown. this murder also explains why our crew had no trouble with the police last night. dave after the bars hopped on the back of a van taxi as it took off and ended up on the other side of town and had to wobble back with a boot on because he broke his foot. and Al was riding my bike around in front of the fire station while matt and casey where throwing trash cans at him... we so loud.. at cops are always giving us shit out there, mostly because the cops have nothing better to do.. well one time a drunken Derek which i think is in jail now, yelled fuck the police at a squad car and he backed up and parked outside. got on his mega phone and told us not to do that. but anyway what was i talking about? man that free credit report singer band thing is so fucking stupid. im sore today from a hard core crash because i plowed into casey with my bike.. and falling down while disc golfing.. FUCK! ok i need to go. matts having a keg tonight...
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