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i am crushing homies.. im really excited at the opportunities that could pop up from this.. well until i find out she does not feel the same or never has felt that way.. haha getting my hopes down.. that's being realistic.. in other news im still terribly unhappy.. damn my P button just feel off my computer.. i must be from typing porn so much.. JK bitches...not, yes..not.. now its just a little rubber cone to push, Sherissa fix this now!! ok back track.. oh yeah, still not to happy about anything for that matter, feels like nothing good has happened to me in a long time.. still having hard time sleeping.. and for the last few days ive been in physical pain.. but whatever, more constructive news.. i have been on a music mission the last few months.. cds are so cheep! I cant believe some of the things i am finding for a cent (one penny) ha! honest Abe to goodness copper boy.. other things, im drastically changing things in my life to be more happy, which is sort of working.. i wont get into all of them but i quit smoking weed, and I quit drinking mountain dew.. and painting a lot more.. which reminds me, i need to take pics and put them on here.. i will do that later.. lets see what else.. i got a copy of the movie THE ROOM which i saw a long time ago and prob 8 times since, but i bought it so my buddies could enjoy it.. here is a clip...

no matter how low i feel i will always have johnny..

cd release party this weekend at an art gallery! for who knows who.. but bitchin after party wit a bunch of people I dont know.. yay!

here is some music from Mulatu Astatke.. ive been trying to get my hands on anything this man has put out... I THINK IM IN LOVE! you guys must buy buy buy!

i will try to update more..
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