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thru love and trust

wolf bladder! everyone has been burned before! waiting for my clothes to be.. dry. hangin a big ol' ten niner at tha JONES STREET BOYS party headquarters listening to a Byrds vinyl I picked up a while ago.. time to flip cuz ive been burned by uncontentious music play... what to play now.. oh wow.. brb .....Modern Lovers will do, what a time.. shes cracked that's for sure.. 4 any dame.. oh god.. huh.. beer time update brought to you by Pinko Pinky rings.. kinky.. I haven't been doing shit worth talking about since I wrote last. going slow.. what do I care, i generally (not the word i want to use) feel so shits i don't give a shit about feeling shitty.. was thinking how are old friends are doing today, while at work today.. backwards.. thinking how Sammy sweet tits made a tiny shirt for a puppet for me.. for all i know she could be married, have six 4 year old kids, or dead for all i know.. or my sweet Tiffy tender bottoms, and her seasonal sisters.. ah time and space... and space between time, and how we were kids.. god damn its freezing in here and my shirts n' undies r warm so fuck off im going home... Hunter S... lay off the coke n' bloody breakfast, and lovely little Diana Oughton shoulda naughta done what she done.. Im looking for your reincarnated ghost.. here is my Buddy.. well tried to find Rich vs. Roach so you are left wit roach

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