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weird days... ive been spending time with someone for pretty much a week now.. with weird occurrences happening in between. but not totally unseen for sure. very.... hold on i need to get a beer... ummm rolling rock, im such a stud.. but it seems like just some organic natural build up that will hopefully not crash and burn.. so weird, even before i started thinking about this post harvest moon pops up.. there are four drunk kids sitting by the tenis courts out side of my window, it looks like a tight group with there light slap ass play and wrestling about in the street.. their body language suggest even more jerking back and forth in a daze living to late.. im one itchy mother fucker.. we became closed almost this last week also.. just talkin, smiling , holding back..its nice . i like thinking about her the way i do now, and almost content to a point because i havent done anything to mess it up, but only make it better. ive been meaning to say something to her.. but i dont think i need too.. its almost like its already been said... thank you live journal for making me write what i just did... no point saying whats already been said..

other newsssss there were two cop cars parked outside of my place for about 45 minutes.. but both were empty, and when i got over to the girls place a cop was walking back to his car. so there were three cars with cops walking the beat... some shit musta went down..
also some old homeless woman shot a gun off outside our bar after close the other night because she couldnt find her keys... jeez
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